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Stop comparing your chapter1 with someone else chapter20.

Stop comparing your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 20

The only thing you should compare yourself with is the person you were yesterday,and be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday.

Theodore Roosevelt once said : “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

We often compare ourselves with

others who are successful especially

in this era of social media (where

most people are presenting often

fabricated and idealistic picture of

their lives) and we end up getting

depressed,feeling inferior and

anxiety which doesn’t help us in

anyways.They are also once a

beginner like us. Your time will

come.So,stop comparing

yourself with someone else higher

chapter. It steal your joy.

Note: its okay to compare if it

motivates you but if it doesn’t

motivate you.Stop it!

Prove them wrong!


Let the nay sayer say, what they want to say.

Let the doubter doubt.

Let the criticiser critcise.


Let them discourage you.

Let them criticize you.

Let them doubt you.

Let them make fun of you.

Let them make fun of your dream.

Let them laugh at you.

Let them spit at you.

Let them unfriend you.

Let them shun you.

Let them shake you.

Let them break you.

Let them hate you.

Let them do or say whatever they want.

Prove them wrong with your SUCCESS!!!

Don’t you ever give up on your dream!!
Do not ever doubt on yourself!

Do not quit!

Don’t ever think about giving up!

There is someone out there waiting

for you to fail,there is someone who

is waiting for you to quit.Ready to

laugh at you,ready to make fun of

you. Don’t ever think of

quitting.PROVE THEM WRONG!!!

YOU have come too far to quit now.

You didn’t come this far to quit. Keep

going,keep fighting,keep grinding.

Don’t ever give up!!

Don’t cry to give up, cry to be


If it is easy everyone will do it!

They say you are easy,

They say you giveup easily

They say you are a quitter

They say you are not a dreamer

They say you are not a fighter

They say you will never be succeeful

Are you going to prove them right?


Are you going to prove them wrong?


I know you are born to be a fighter

You are born to be a tough person

You are born to be a game changer

You are born for a purpose

You are born to complete your mission

You are born to achieve your dream.

Don’t ever give up just because of

someone who doubt on you.

They doubt you because they doubt

themselves. They doubt on their

dream. But you are a fighter,you have

the heart of a lion. You are a finisher

not a quitter. Do not give up on your


Just prove them wrong!!!






How bad do you want success?

How bad do you want to be successful? If you are to rate from 1 to 10,how much will it be? How much will you rate your desire to be successful? (I will leave this for you to answer).Think about it deeply and give your yourself the answer.

Most of us just wanted to be successful and we don’t want it badly.When we see someone who is successful,we wanted to be like them and our desire to be successful arouse inside our heart but sadly this lasted for a few days or weeks and withers away after a short period of time. Its because we don’t want it badly,we just kind of want it.

You probably already heard the quote given by a motivational speaker Eric Thomas. He said “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath,then you will be successful”

By the way this is one of my favorite motivational quotes. This motivate me to push myself beyond my limit and to keep on grinding and fighting even when i don’t feel like to.

Here is a short story.

There was a young gentleman who want to be rich,wealthy and successful.He never really had a succesful career. His life was full of failure and dissapointment. All he wanted was to be a successful person.

So, one fine day he went to a priest, hoping to learn the secret of success. He asked the priest;

oh! Holy one, please tell me the secret of success,i want to be successful and wealthy in life.

The Priest answered; meet me tomorrow at the beach.

The next day,they meet at the beach. And the priest told him to go into water.So,the young man went into the water at waist deep. The priest told him to go further down and it was at the neck level. The young man then said, i am here to learn the secret of success not to drown in the water. But the priest told him if you want to be successful go further down and this time the young man was completely under water. Then the priest asked the young men to come out of the water and asked him, when you are under water what do you want the most?the young men reply i wanted to breath. There you go said the priest, “when you want to be successful as bad as you want to breath under the water,then you will be successful”

Take a few moment to think deeply and understand this. It is even hard not to breath for a minute. Imagine if you want success as bad as you wanted to breath. You wouldn’t be a failure because you would do anything and everything to get that one breath for you to live. So as in life, you would do anything and everything,even if it is beyound your limit,even if it is not to sleep for two to three days,you will be willing to do anything to succeed if you want to succeed in life like you want to breath under water.

So, if you are not successful and you didn’t achieve your goal yet after many try. May be you need to look at yourself again. It may be you are just being easy on yourself and you don’t really push yourself to your full potential. You need to re-evaluate yourself again.

Remember, if you do what is easy,your life will be hard,but if you do what is difficult your life will be easy.

Some of the point to remember in order to be successful in life are:

  • Commitment: Commitment is one of the key to be successful. If you truly commit yourself to something you desire,no one can stop you. No matter how many obstacles you face or no matter how many loads of harship comes in your path,if you are truly commited,you will accomplish what you have started.
  • Determination: Another important key to success is determination. If your determination is greater than all the discouragement like the fear of failure,the criticism and the struggle,then you will be successful. A person who is truly determine to be successful is unstobable. Be determine to accomplish what you truly want.
  • Sacrifice: Today most of us will be successful if we sacrifice the things which doesn’t help in accomplishing our goals. I know many of us are scrolling through social media or watching movies the whole day or most of the time. You need to sacrifice those things in order to be successful.Sacrifice your party life,stop hanging out with friends,make use of your time. Quit being lazy and start working.
  • Hardwork: There is no other easy way to be successful than hardwork. Hardwork is the only key to success. Work hard consistantly,even if it is hard for the moment,the reward is always sweet.

There is no substitute for hardwork.


When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath,then you’ll be successful


Feel free to criticize,give feedback or correct me in the comment section. You are always welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



LONG long ago there was a

king of Scotland and his name was

Robert the Bruce.He was a brave and

wise king. The King of

England was at war with him, and

had led a great army into Scotland to

drive him out of the land and to make

Scotland a part of England.

Battle after battle he had fought with

England. Six times his men had been

beaten, until finally they were driven

into flight. At last the army of

Scotland was entirely scattered, and

the king was forced to hide in

the cave up in the mountains.

As he lay thinking, he noticed a spider

over his head,getting ready to weave

her web. He watched her as she

worked slowly and with great care.

Six times she tried to throw her

thread from one edge of the cave wall

to another. Six times her thread fell

short and failed.

“Poor thing!” said Robert Bruce. “You, too, know what it’s like to fail six times in a row.”

But the spider did not lose hope.She is

not dishearten. she is ready to try

for a seventh time. Robert the Bruce

almost forgot his own troubles as he

watched, fascinated by the

perseverance of the spider. She tried

again for the seventh time..

Would she fail again? No! The thread

was carried safely to the cave wall,

and fastened there.

“Yes!” cried Bruce, “I, too, will try a seventh time!”

So he gathered his men to try for the

seventh time to defeat the king of

england. He told them of his plans,

and sent them out with hopeful

messages to cheer the discouraged

people. Soon there was an army of

brave men around him. A seventh

battle was fought, and this time the

King of England was forced to retreat

back to his own country.

It wasn’t long before England

recognized Scotland as an

independent country with Robert the

Bruce as its rightful king.

And to this very day, the victory and

independence of Scotland is traced to

a spider who kept trying again and

again to spin her web in a cave and

inspired the king of Scotland, Robert

the Bruce.

MORAL of the story:

Never give up and never quit. You

never know what the next thing will

bring. You may be just a few steps

away from winning. Keep going even

if you fail because until and unless

you give up,you are not a failure, you

just find out the way which is not

working. Keep going until you find

out the right working way!

“Fall seven times,stand up eight”

Never give up. Today is hard,

tomorrow will be worse, but the day

after tomorrow will be sunshine.

-Jack Ma

We usually saw a beautiful rainbow

after a heavy rain and storm. In

order to see a beautiful rainbow, we

first have to go through the terrify

thunder,rain and storm.So as in life,if

we want to be successful and see the

beautiful side of life,we have to go

through many obstacles,hardship and

failure. For those who are willing to

go through the hardship and failure

and keep on grinding even when the

worse things come up on their path,

success has awaited them on the

other side.

Be patient,never give up and keep up

the perseverance. All those

struggle,hardship and failure will

payoff oneday.

I know it is hard to keep up the faith

when we failed so many times. It

seems there is no longer hope at all.

But remember Thomas Edison the

inventor of the electric bulb failed

10,000 times. Imagine if he give up in

the 500 try and said there is no way

for this light bulb to work. We won’t

be having light at night today. I repeat

again Never ever give up.



Better late than never!!

I always dream of becoming a blogger

and having my own platform to write

down my thoughts and express what

i feel inside. But there is always a

small voice inside my head saying

you are not good enough,you are not

even a good writer or you are not

even fluent in english,which stop me

from starting a blog of my own. But

today with the little courages still left

in me, i started my own blogging site.

So, i do hope you enjoy every content

and please ignores the mistakes i


“I am not here to give you tips and

tricks about blogging, i had no

experienced and i cannot give you

any tips about it. But the only

thing i can help you is to

overcome the

barrier which stops you from

becoming a blogger and pursuing

your dream”.

I know i am not alone who is going

through this type of hard situation

and couldn’t start their own blogging

site due to lack of confidence. If you

are one of them, i want to encourage

you just to start and write down

something, don’t be afraid to make

mistakes,you will get better day by

day. As a saying goes

a person who never make mistake is a person whonever try”.

This is one of the quotes which lead me

to start a blog of my own. So it is time

for you to start now before its too late.

Here is another one of my favorite

quote’s or proverb which will

encourage you to start now and not


I like the inspiring wisdom found in

this old Chinese proverb:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20

years ago. The second best time is


I want to tell you its never to late to

start from the beginning. You are

never too old and never to young to

start something you like to pursue.

Even if you fail to start twenty years

ago, do not regret and be discouraged

about it. The second best time you

have is now! right now! Go and do

something about it.

Its now or never!!